SkyllZone Fantasy Basketball

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March 4, 2014 by Chris Slade

Here are the official game rules which I copied and pasted from the website:
  1. You will be placed in a 10-team league, your team vs. 9 computer teams
    1. Draft against 9 computer teams
    2. Set your lineups for the contest
    3. Win your league and win $20
  2. Your team will be automatically placed in a global competition for the week, your team vs all other user teams (non-computer)
    1. Win the global competition and win $200
    2. Total prize package of $1,010 each contest
    3. Top 20 get paid
  3. Play every week and play with your friends
    1. Get two free drafts every contest
    2. Invite friends to earn more SKYLL Points (redeem SKYLL Points for more drafts)
    3. Compete on friends’ leader boards and earn bragging rights


  • 9 starters, 2 bench slots
  • C, G, G, G, F, F, F, UTIL, UTIL, BN, BN


3PM 1
FTM 0.5
REB 1.5
AST 1.5


No trades.


No waivers.

Draft Rankings

Draft Ranks (“Rank” in Draft Room) are provided by

Why am I promoting this nonsense?

Because I’ve played SkyllZone fantasy NBA contests the last two months and have won my league a couple times so I’m familiar with the product.
Its a legitimate site that has been heavily invested into and is currently in the startup phase. Their goal is to build a sizable user base overnight by offering users free entries into paid fantasy contests. Free money is an attention grabber, is it not?
And, more importantly for this weeks contest only, they are rewarding anyone (like myself) who refers a new user (between now and tomorrow’s contest) $10 for every new referral.
I’m an unemployed college kid that needs money as well as marketing experience so I figured I give it a crack and try to recruit as many people as I can to sign up for Fantasy NBA on
If I can get maybe 5 people to actually do this, I’ll be happy. That’s $50 I didn’t previously have.
And as mentioned before, everyone who signs up gets two free NBA drafts to chose a team of players from tomorrow night’s slate of games.
Win both your leagues, and that’s $40 in house money mailed via check to your residence.
And if you’re really bold, you can also try to recruit new users between now and tomorrow to earn referral money like I’m doing.
Ok, got all of that.
Now, I realize that Fantasy NBA is a tough sell. I can count on my hand how many people I know that play Fantasy NBA and I’m included on that list.
I really wish SkyllZone did a recruiting promotion like this for their free Fantasy NFL contests (same concept as the NBA contest) they ran back in December. So, if nothing else, if you could at least create a SkyllZone account, you’ll be registered and ready to go once NFL season comes around again.
But, if you’re interested in giving a fantasy NBA draft a try, I will say that it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to draft.
Also, I find the NBA Grind Down article on a must read before drafting. The NBA Grind Down article should be up around 3 in the afternoon tomorrow on
Here is the link to follow if you’re interested in signing up to play Fan Vs. The Machine on SkyllZone!
Thanks for reading.

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