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February 18, 2014 by Chris Slade

What is daily fantasy basketball? (If you’re familiar with the daily fantasy basketball concept, just skip down to the February Freeroll promotion, which I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t created a DraftKings account yet)

Here’s how it works. Each and every day during the NBA season, DraftKings serves as an online platform where users can enter into a variety of contests, each with a designated entry fee per lineup you submit. (There are also free contests available). A DraftKings fantasy lineup consists of eight positions: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, F, G, and UTL.

You’re a baller on a budget, though. When one goes to fill out their Iineup, they are given a $50,000 salary cap to work with. DraftKings sets the player prices each day, roughly based on average fantasy points per game, for the players involved in that particular night’s schedule of NBA games for you to choose from. As one would expect, beasts-of-burden like LBJ and The Durantula will cost a premium, usually around $11,000, making it crucial to find value picks in the $3K-to-$5K range to help offset their costs if they are to be used.

The ultimate goal is to maximize the value of your budget and target players who are likely to exceed their average fantasy point output based on:

A) Strength Of Opponent Defense

If the opponent is bottom 10 in in fantasy points allowed to a certain position, that’s always a plus.

B) Pace of Game (More possessions = more opportunities for points; Target players in games with a high Over/Under. Games that are expected to stay close and competitive throughout are also optimal games to target players from)

C) Minutes (The more minutes a player plays = more opportunities for points; duh)

D) Who’s starting? Who’s sitting?

You’d be surprised how many bad lineups I see that include players have been ruled out that night. Stay up to date on injury news. If a starting player is sitting, not only should you avoid him, but that also opens the door for a backup player who is priced like a backup to become a potentially great value play (keyword: value) as they see a bump in minutes.

Research is ultimately key to building a successful fantasy lineup. The best place to do that is Rotogrinders.com. I would be lost without their free daily research tools.

Okay, now its time for the promotion…


Draftkings will be running free NBA contests each day with nice payouts to the top eight finishers in the contest until the end of February. These contests (called freerolls) are available exclusively to new players after they make their first deposit, and are designed to encourage new players to take action, and try out the brave new world of daily fantasy sports.

If you’re skeptical about spending your hard earned money on fantasy sports, I understand. However, a minimal deposit of $5 into your newly created DraftKings account is all it takes to unlock a free ticket into a February Freeroll.

The NBA Daily 1K Freeroll is the official name of the league and it will be available to enter in the contest lobby (in red bold so you can’t miss it) each night until March 1st. Why not make a deposit and earn a free shot at up to $300 in house money?

And, yes. You stand a realistic chance of cashing in this contest as the usual amount of new users competing in February Freeroll each night so far this month has been about 25-to-30.

Here is the prize layout to the top eight finishers:

1st: $300

2nd: $200

3rd: $150

4th: $100

5th: $85

6th: $65

7th-8th: $50

If fantasy basketball is something you like and you’re serious about giving DraftKings fantasy basketball contests the old college try, follow this link to sign up and make a deposit! Remember: The freerolls will be running each day until the end of the month, so act soon if you want to compete in one for that $300 top prize.

If not, I thank you for reading my post and giving me the time of day.


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